Zivaya Spa – Rejuvenation Unlimited

Zivaya Spa welcomes you in a calm world of pampering, soothing and rejuvenating massage therapies. A station for ultimate relaxation where your body and soul meet the new levels of tranquility beyond your imaginations. Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Potli, Ayurvedic, Candle massage and a lot more to take you on a new journey of healing and wellness. Our expert therapists and signature therapies are the ones which makes us the Best Spa in town.

Massage therapy has various health benefits, our massage techniques and good elements of working with pressure points get your stress relieved, it improves dull skin into shiny, soft and supple. Our team has therapy experts for neck, head, shoulder and head to toe massages. These treatments leave you in the world of astonished tranquility, giving you ultimate relaxation and comfort.