Candle Massage Therapy

Swedish Spa Ritual

De-Stress & Relaxation Therapy

Nothing feels good as this Swedish Spa Ritual, that pampers your body with Sugar & Essential Oils (Lemon Grass & Basil) designed to stimulate circulations & promote relaxation.

Balinese Boreh Body Spa

Intensive Deep Tissue Therapy

An intense body spa treatment beneficial in relaxing muscle tension. Infused with pure Cinnamon & Ginger Oils, this is an ultimate choice for sports players.

"Back Massage Indore"

Purifying Coffee & Marine Spa

Natural Purifying & Detoxifying Therapy

A therapeutic mud & minerals treatment with purifying properties of Salt & Coffee, calming Lavender, Patchouli & detoxifying properties of Marine Mud.

Anti-Cellulite Spa Therapy

Detoxifying & Firming Body Treatment

Anti-Cellulite Spa Therapy aims to boost circulation to help sweat & flush toxins out from your skin & underlying fat cells, whilst tightening it for a smoother, bump-free appearance.


Ageless Beauty & Spa Ritual

Rejuvenating & Revitalizing Beauty Therapy

Infused with finest ingredients like Rice, Oats & Cedar Wood, Patchouli & Citrus Essential Oils, this gorgeous treatment will help slow down aging process by purifying, toning & moisturizing your skin from within.

Detoxifying Body Spa Ritual

Natural Cleansing & Revitalizing Therapy

A rich concoction of Black Terra Body Buffer, Mud & Pure Citrus, Cedar Wood, Patchouli Oils helps drain the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body through Metabolic Skin Stimulation.